Monday, August 29, 2011

Nothing To Do With Duran Duran

So, it's time for another new moon (on Monday) and that means I need to share another picture of my orts jar for the TUSAL aka the Totally Useless Stitch-a-long. 

Next to my orts jar, are a couple of embroideries that recently did.  They are part of a set so I still have three more to do.  (I'll tell you more about them in my next post.)

Thanks to Sharon over at It's Daffycat for hosting the TUSAL!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Finished For Friday: Little Blue House

Disclosure:  I finished this cross stitch about a month ago so I didn't actually work on this recently, and I still need to turn it into something (An ornament? A little pillow?  Something I've never ever made before so pigs will fly?).  Oh and looks like I need to iron it too.  But I wanted to share it for Finished For Friday because it's been way too long since I did one of those.

The chart was another freebie from Maryse. I had it in my stash for a couple of years and finally got around to stitching last month.

Head on over to Lit and Laundry to add a link for something you've been working on this week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pincushion Finish

I finished this pincushion about a month ago but put off blogging about it since I didn't have the pattern handy and couldn't link to it since I don't remember where it came from.  (I still don't know what I did with the pattern but I will find track it down.)

I have two tote bags full of "works in progress" and when I found this pincushion, all that was left to be done was stuffing it.  I had already done the blanket stitching all around and left an opening for filling it.  (Stuffing?  Filling?  Now I'm thinking about Thanksgiving...)  So I stuffed it and closed the opening but got into trouble when I tied a knot in the end of the thread and it was too far away from the seam to be hidden.  Frustrating!  I removed all the blanket stitching and took out the stuffing and started over except I whip stitched it this time. That's a stitch I suck at but since the floss matches the felt, you really can't tell.  At that point, I just wanted to finish it.

I don't think the original pattern called for so many French knots.  Maybe I was on a roll and just could not stop making them.  I used regular craft felt for the flower and the leaves, but the brown pieces -- they look really dark in these pictures -- came from a wool jacket that I felted in my washer a couple of years.  The corners are wonky and that pink looks really bright in the first picture but I'm happy with my little semi-wool pincushion.

One more thing:  I just saw this Little Pup linked over at Tipnut (click that for more softie links) and was reminded I've always wanted to make one.

Blog Hopping On Saturday Night

Here's yet another draft post that I never finished.  Enjoy!

Tonight, I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

Sew Tara and Wild Olive have teamed up to make some super cute fabric bags for snacks (goldfish crackers, carrots & celery, cookies).  [Link via Craft.]

What a cute cloudy needlebook from Art Threads!  [Via Craft Gossip]

There are lots of cute (yes, I've used cute three times already.  Let the drinking game begin!) embroidery freebies over at Hudson's Holidays.  Like this kitty in the flowers and in the garden, and my favorite, a bunny pulling a wagon with bunnies in it.  [Via Craft Gossip]

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cute Owl Alert

There's a tutorial at Bugs and Fishes to make a cute felt owl.  I see this owl  squeezing into the #3 spot on my To Do list tomorrow.  Right after 1. Waking up and 2. Eating breakfast  [Link via One Pretty Thing.]

Bonus:  a how-to on making an owl brooch also on Bugs and Fishes.

Pets On Quilts Show

Insights From SewCalGal is hosting the 2nd Annual Pets on Quilts Show on her blog starting today, August 15th, through August 19th.  I apologize for not mentioning this sooner so there would be time left to whip up a quilt to enter, but it will still be fun to see the pictures of both pet-themed quilts and pets on quilts. 

SewCalGal is also collecting photos of pets on quilts to create a calendar that will be used as a fundraiser for local animal shelters.  She will be accepting pics until September 1st for the 2012 calendar.  Her contact information is at the bottom of this post.

Now, go see the pictures on Lit and Laundry of some cute kitties on and under their quilts.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dala Horse Craftalong

Carina's Craftblog is hosting a craftalong for Swedish Dala horses

I love Dala horses.  I know somewhere in my stash, I have a pattern to make a stuffed one but I love the applique pattern Carina shared and then turned into a pincushion.  She also sells an embroidery pattern -- it's in the blog button above-- that I must buy some day.

The craftalong will be over on August 21st but you can join anytime and add your Dala horse to the Flickr group.  Check out some of the ones already posted.  I swear after seeing them, you will be inspired to make your own.

Cute Embroidery Stitch-A-Long

There's a cute stitch-a-long going on over at Clover & Violet.  It's about halfway over and blocks 1-5 are up already but I think you can catch up.  You can find all the details here, including stitch tutorials and the supplies you will need to make the quilt.  I love looking at the pictures in the Flickr group.  Thanks to Flickr member shawnlorette for finding this SAL.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scottie Embroidery Patterns At Tip Nut

There are some days of the week embroidery patterns with Scottie dogs over at Tipnut.