Saturday, September 9, 2017

Frankie the Safety Pins Keeper

I recently moved and most of my stuff is in storage until I move again, (hopefully that will happen at the end of this month), but one thing I did not pack away is some safety pins because you never know when you will need one.  And, yes, I could go buy some if I needed any in the near future, but the point of this post is I found a neat way to store your safety pins.  Meet Frankie the Safety Pin Keeper.  I love him!  (I'm going to label him as a needlebook even though he technically isn't so I can find him when I'm ready to make one.)
I think he could double as a Halloween decoration too.  

P.S.   I just found this piggy bank on the onelmon blog (home of Frankie).  Must make this too!