Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was halfway through a post about my lack of blogging but it depressed me too much so instead I'll just show you my recent finishes and wish you all a happy and safe Halloween.

Here's a little bag I made because I wanted to embroider Tubby* as a pirate on a pillow. Somehow she morphed into a witch on a little felt bag.

I used a picture of Tubby for the pattern for her body and Anne's bat & spider patterns (click the pdf to get them) but everything else, I just kind of did on my own. That's why her eyebrows are not even. I'm still not sure what the chain stitch around her neck was supposed to be. (A lace collar?) It's against my religion to cut in a straight line as you can see. And, yes, the purple felt needs to re-glued where I unstuck it so I could attach the handles.

I also made this little pumpkin pillow out of felt. For the original, you used a t-shirt and a sewing machine. (Ooooh, scary!) I planned to make a larger version and also his little kitty friend but I ran out of time.

The Friendly Ghost pillow pattern can be found here at Value Village. [Link via One Pretty Thing.]

One more thing: My mom got this witch somewhere a few years ago and I've always liked her. She hangs on the front door around this time of year. I don't know what she's made of but it's something hard (clay?) and I worry she's going to break when she bangs against the door as someone closes it. You can't tell from the photo but her face is all glittery.

I just realized she looks like the model for Tubby as a witch even though I hadn't seen her since last year. And, here, I thought a pointy hat, a black dress with a lace collar, striped socks and a pumpkin bag (at first, Tubby was going to have one of those) on a witch were so original. :)

Have a Happy Halloween!!

*Tubby is from the game, Pet Society

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yoo hoo!

I am not leaving this computer until I come up with a post for this blog. Oh, wait. Is that lasagna?

(Be back later!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Can Embroider These For Next Halloween

Yeah, I know I should have posted this a month ago. Halloween is practically tomorrow but there's still some time to whip out a few spooky scary projects, right? Or, to get started on making stuff for next year. I'm re-posting some of last year's embroidery freebie links because I totally think they are worth sharing again.

Pumpkinhead girl, candy corn, owl, bat, kids in costumes from Green Jello

Bunnies in costumes from Craft Blog

Pumkin Girl from Andrea Zuill at Bad Birds

Witch and vampire from Quixotic Pixels

Ghosts in costumes from Annie Oakleaves

And, I can't forget Jenny's adorable Dangly Spider.

And, thanks to One Pretty Thing, here's a prim Fall Stitchery (pumpkin head with cat mask) from Cash Strapped Crafting (I totally need to check out that blog) and Bat Boy from Andrea Zuill. If you don't regularly visit, One Pretty Thing, you really need to start NOW. Rachel posts so many great links to freebies there.

I haven't done anything for Halloween except for turning some older cross stitched designs into ornaments, but I made a garland of felt leaves last week and I'll share it on Friday. (Have to take a picture first.) And I am almost finished with an embroidery of Tubby as a witch for a little bag. (For those of you just tuning in, Tubby is my Pet Society critter. Here she is hanging out in her back room where she pretends to sell baked goods and lemonade while wearing fish nets and a witch hat.) (Why, yes, I do live vicariously through Miss Tubbalicious.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here, Have Some Links

Remember when I used to post links here all the time? Yeah, me either. I just put a couple up on Facebook and wondered why I wasn't posting them here as well.

CakeSpy is giving away a $50 gift certificate for Bake It Pretty. You have until Friday October 16 at 12PM PST to enter. Check this post for details. By the way, Bake It Pretty has a blog and I was just there for the first time and saw this recipe for Ginger Tea Bread. I think I need to make that.

Speaking of recipes, last week my mom and I made this Asparagus, Artichoke, and Mushroom Saute with Tarragon Vinaigrette -- well, I made the vinaigrette and she did everything else because I was dealing with some evil antibiotics that made me nauseous every time I moved my head -- and it was really good. I love anything with a vinegar dressing on it and I love tarragon so this was perfect for me. It's served warm and it was totally fine that way but it was even better the next day after it sat in the fridge overnight.

Jenny over at Allsorts, renamed Owlsorts for now, is sharing some free patterns for making Halloween spinners. How fun!

Edited to add: I just came across this thanks to Denise at Needlework News at Craft Gossip: The Gum Tree Designers are sharing a free Christmas pattern every Monday in October and November. The first one is a gift bag that I just love. I'll definitely be checking their blog every week to see more of their freebies.