Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June TUSAL Report

Since I can once again upload & download pictures, I can get back to doing the TUSAL aka the Totally Useless Stitch-a-Long.   And, since today is the New Moon, here's my orts jar hanging out with a stuffed pig I got years ago.

If you want more info on the TUSAL, please read this post at It's Daffycat.  Thank you, Sharon, for hosting the TUSAL!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Iron Day

Writing that last post reminded me that I had picked up some Aunt Martha's patterns and a pack of kitchen towels at Jo-Ann's back in March.  So far, I have only stitched one of the towels.  And, here it is.  It's funny to me that this has "Iron Day" on it and it's wrinkled and has a couple of creases in it.  I'm actually using it (alert the media!) in my kitchen so I didn't bother to iron it.

My original plan was to do the letters in brown and red with couching.  I was about halfway through when I realized I was doing them in black and red.  (I really should write this stuff down.)  .  And, I was not consistent with my colors.  Sometimes I used red as the surface thread and sometimes I used black.  If I was making this for someone, I would have been more careful, but I wasn't so I just considered it good couching practice. 

I'm thrilled that I not only finished the towel but that I'm using it too.  It's Aunt Martha's 4015 Adorable Puppy pattern and the towels were from Aunt Martha too.

Speaking of embroidery, you can find a Days of the Week set of patterns with bees doing chores (I love the bee with a broom) over on Tipnut.  I've seen a couple of these patterns before but not the whole set.  Thanks, Tipnut, for sharing them!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little House On The Planet

I am really in the mood to go make something but I wanted to share this cute embroidery pattern first.  It was posted on a new-to-me blog called Mason Bee and it's called Little Home Planet and I think it's adorable.  [Link via Craft Gossip's Needlework blog.  Thanks, Denise!]  And, thank you, Laura, for your cute freebie!  (For some reason, I keep thinking it's called Little House on the Planet.  I must have Laura Ingalls on the brain.)

P.S.  They've opened a Hobby Lobby  near me and I think I'll be going by tomorrow with my 40% off coupon in hand to check out their needle arts section.  I hope they sell cute embroidery patterns.

Monday, June 4, 2012

"Like" Dog Bless You On Facebook

For every 1000 new Likes that Dog Bless You gets on their Facebook page up until the Fourth of July, they will donate a service dog to a veteran.  So far, they have donated 23 dogs.  Please go Like them now.  Thank you!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Couple Of Cute Freebies

Kel over at Kincavel Krosses is sharing a cross stitch design of two super cute foxes called Fergie and Fergus.  I REALLY have to stitch this one. 

And, check out Bunny and Clyde too (x-stitch bunnies)!

Thank you, Lady Kel, for all your great freebies!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Easter Embroidery

I know it's June but I haven't been able to post pictures for awhile so I have some catching up to do.

There was a tutorial for an adorable fabric Easter basket posted on Red Brolly back in March.  I wanted to make it and only got as far as doing the embroidery, but hey, at least I did that.  Now that I can upload my pictures again. I'll take a better one as soon as I iron this.  And, thank you to Sarah and Mary for the floss.  Other than the brown for the bunny and the white for his tail, everything else is the variegated stuff you both sent me -- Cosmo Seasons from Sarah and Janlynn from Mary.  (Hard to see in the picture, I know.)

I have a bad relationship with French knots.  I hate them and always will.  My first one will turn out fine and sometimes the second one will be ok too, but then everything goes downhill and they end up deformed and I have to start over, which is frustrating.  I think some of these are alright but I can see which ones are too loose.  (Sorry for the lousy picture but I just cropped the one above.)