Friday, November 10, 2017


I stumbled upon GeorgiaPeachez Wreaths the other day.  The wreaths are made from vintage Christmas ornaments (think the Shiny Brite kind) and I wish I could buy ten of them!

I was just on Facebook and a link to a Retro Renovation article from 2011 about Suzy, the woman behind GeorgiaPeachez, popped up.  That led me to her tutorial for making wreaths.  So, anybody have a bunch of vintage Christmas ornaments I can use?

Check out this other Retro Renovation article on making your own wreath from Suzy's tutorial with 30+ more tips.

And, this article from the same blog about making wreaths with new ornaments from places like Target and Big Lots.

And, be sure to visit the GeorgiaPeachez Facebook page where you will find my favorite wreath.  (So far!)

All of this really makes me want to make a wreath but I am not saying I will do it since we all know it would take years for it to actually happen.