Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Not A Peony But It Will Do For Now

I've been meaning to post this picture for days but keep getting side-tracked by other things.

There are two camellia bushes full of buds in my front yard and last week I noticed one of the buds had opened up. I think it's so pretty.


I did not sleep at all last night so I'm sitting at my computer now, struggling to keep my eyes open and thinking I really need to go to bed, when all I want to do is make a Valentine pin (felt alert!) or a Vintage Valentine Frame Tray.

Last night, while I was blog surfing, I discovered Gingerbread Cottage via Google News, (Sarah has made some amazing things . . . scroll down a little and you'll see she shares some embroidery patterns, and check out her Flickr too), and that led me to The Little House by the Sea, and decided I needed to make this Mushroom House at that very moment. I printed out the patterns & tutorial and then put it aside to do some cross stitching instead. Crafter's ADD, anyone?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank You, All, So Much

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who offered to send me some embroidery floss!! I wasn't really surprised that you all would do that because I know craft bloggers are the most generous people out there, and once again, I was proven right. It made me all warm and fuzzy to read your messages and comments. I sooooooo appreciate you all wanting to help me out.

I know I could have substituted similar colors for the suggested ones but I wanted to stitch this Barack Obama design using the recommended floss since it's based on the Hope poster. The chart is available at Subversive Cross Stitch and you can get it for free if you order from them this month.

And, at the site for Cross Stitcher magazine, you can find another Obama chart. (Thanks for that link, Mary!)

Thanks again, everybody!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Floss Exchange, Anyone?

I've started a cross stitch of President Obama and would love to finish it but there are three colors of floss that I don't have. Since I'm a shut-in with no money and no one to drive me to Michael's, I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a little embroidery floss exchange. I have a limited number of extra skeins of floss that I could swap with someone who sends me the color(s) I don't have. (My other floss is already wound on bobbins or else I would be offering that as well.)

The colors I need are 336, 744, 807.

I can swap:
57 (varigated red)
151 (very light dusty rose)
310 (black)
321 (red)
602 (medium cranberry)
644 (medium beige gray)
746 (off white)
3806 (light cyclamen pink)

If you're interested in swapping floss, email me at nahnahnah at aol dot com and let me know which colors you can send me and which ones you would like in return. Thank you!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And, Now, My Good Foot Is Screwed Up

Look at my new shoe. Isn't it lovely? I wish I could say I was up at Big Bear and twisted my ankle while snowboarding, but it's for an infection in my toe, which keeps developing because apparently I walk funny, and this stupid boot will take the pressure off my foot, and give my toe a chance to heal.

And, this is my GOOD foot, not the deformed one.

I'm really tired of all of this crap with my feet. It's been going on for about a year now and I am ready to move on.

And, now that you've sat through my whining, (thanks!), here are some links for you.

Did you guys know Stephanie Nielson has started blogging again? How great is that?!

Go enter the giveaway for a stitchable tote bag and some Aunt Martha iron-on transfers at Bookwormbethie. (Remember, if you're not into embroidery, you could always give your winnings to me.)

Cross stitch designer Sue Hillis has a blog and back in December she posted a free chart of a Santa Pirate. "Yo ho ho ho!" (It's never too early to start working on your Xmas ornaments.)

I found some adorable embroidery patterns on Flickr from Jacque Davis. I'm adding the Friendly Margarita and the Salsa and Chips patterns to my to-stitch list.

A Vintage Collection is chock-ful of ...uh...vintage pictures, graphics and patterns (including some for embroidery and quilts). Go take a look.

And, now my stupid boot and me are off to the doctor to give some blood for labwork. Hey, next week, when he tells me how uncontrolled my blood sugars have been lately, I can blame it on my infected toe. Yeah!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Few Vintage Valentines Links

There's a vintage Valentine card giveaway going on at The Crafty Crow. And, since it's Monday, there are two other giveaways going on. Go check them out.

For more Valentine fun, visit Two Crazy Crafters where Lindsey will be posting a vintage card every day until February 14th.

And, if you like vintage Valentine postcards, check out the free graphics at SilverCollectBlog.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

There's A Marshmallow On Your Tablecloth

Any idea what this is?

felt marshmallow

Before I tell you what it is, I have a few things to share. Warning: Make sure you have some time to spend on these blogs before you click any of the following links.

The coloring page I used for a pattern for the embroidery in my blog header can be found here on Non dairy Diary. Delphine has since moved her blog to a new location. Every year, she shares a small calendar to download (plus a bunch of other cool stuff on her blog) and the one for 2009 has cute bunnies on it.

Thanks to Google News, I ended up at One Red Robin where you will find an embroidery pattern for the Little Mushroom Girl and her Bunny. And, check out the Ruby Doll too.

I MUST LEARN TO SEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jhoanna of One Red Robin has another site that's also worth exploring: Softie Making. There's a link on Softie Making to Cherry Mix which is where I found a pattern for a marshmallow and made one last night.

Here is my marshmallow posing on an old tablecloth.

felt marshmallow

It's ok if you don't think he looks very marshmallow-ish. Perhaps he's an anthropomorphic albino Tootsie Roll. I didn't quite follow the directions -- you're supposed to sew the seams together and then turn it inside out but my my hand stitching is uneven and messy, so I just blanket stitched the whole thing since it's my favorite stitch.

I was thinking I might need to make him a little marshmallow girlfriend next.

No Wonder I'm Single

This is how I spent my Friday night:

I didn't like the picture in my blog header so I decided to re-do it. First, I scanned my embroidery to see how that would look. Ugh.

Then, I played around with the original picture on Picnik. I used the Sharpen button and it made a difference. I added a border in the same color as the links on my blog and this is what I ended up with.

This is the header I put up earlier today. I really like #2 better so I will be replacing this one. So, it's the same embroidery, just a little more sharpened.

Thanks so much for all the nice comments you left me!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finished For Friday -- An Answer For Mary

MaryBT commented: "Woman! It's been 10 days since you promised to make something! What gives?"

How creepy. It totally sounds like she is keeping track of my lack of craft projects by marking off the days on her calendar....hey! That reminds me! I did make a calendar the other day. Over at Knick Knacks & Ric Rac are calendar pages you can download and print out, and then add your own artwork at the top. I would love to have some of Hannah's artwork but since I can't, I just used a photo of my dog planters because it makes me happy. Yes, dog planters work better than Zoloft. (By the way, so do Weezer videos.)

Thanks to Mary's comments, not only was I creeped out, but I was inspired to finish an embroidery that I had started last September. It was going to be a header for my blog but it was put aside because I found something else fun to stitch. But it's done now and it's up there and it's my Finish for Friday.

EDITED TO ADD: Well, I hate my header. The picture is too big and I hate the border and you can't see the wonky stitching very well and why does the orange floss look like it's glowing? I wanted to post something for Finished for Friday so I am leaving it for now. I am off to eat a burrito and then I will play around with the photo until I get it right. I'll also link to the coloring page that I used for a pattern. (Once I find it again!) Sorry for the half-assed post today.

Check out Lit and Laundry for links to other Friday Finishers.

Lit and Laundry

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Links For Wednesday

Here are the latest round of links I had saved. This may be it for awhile.

I forget how I ended up there but I'm glad I found Our Sustainable Shire because there's a Dachshund embroidery pattern there. You can see how it looks all stitched up and on an apron here.

You have to check out these cute pouches over at Martha MacGyver. They're made from a napkin and some cording. Get part one of the tutorial here and part two here.

I linked to this fun owl card back in the day when my blog was lonely and no one was reading it but me so you may have missed it at the time. And, if you haven't been to Mmmcrafts before, be sure take a look at all the tutorials there -- look at the cute tooth fairy pillow!

Over at Incy Wincy Stitches, are a few small patterns you can use to make embroidered buttons, including an owl, a bird, a robot and a cupcake.

There's a free embroidery block of the month going on at Gail Pan Designs. Every month through September, Gail will post another pattern, and if you stitch all nine of them, you will eventually be able to make a quilt with your blocks. Details on the BOM and the first pattern called "Love" is here. (Thanks to Loralyn for the link!) Gail also posted a Christmas stitchery pattern that I just love so be sure to check that out too. Maybe if I start stitching that tonight, it will be done in time for the holidays.

Kandra and Renee over at Sibling Craftery (formerly known as Sublime Sisters) are sharing embroidery designs for Valentine's Day and the kitchen.

Once again, I am amazed at all the creative and generous bloggers who share their patterns and projects. Thank you so much, everybody!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick & Easy Photo Tag

Suzanne has tagged me to post the 4th photo in the 4th folder on my computer. Before you look at mine though, you need to go look at her picture. It's fantastic.

My picture is of my former neighbor, Sweetheart. She is a Shih Tzu and her name is a perfect way to describe her. She is just the sweetest little dog ever. I used to babysit Sweetheart and her human sister. Some afternoons, I would take my dog, Maggie, and Sweetheart for a walk around the neighborhood. Maggie was never thrilled when Sweetheart would come near her. She would freeze and not move until Sweetheart stopped sniffing her. But when it was time for a walk, Mag would follow Sweetheart everywhere. I wish I had a shot of them together, walking down the sidewalk with their Shih Tzu wiggle.

The rules of this tag are quick & easy:
1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.
2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!

I am tagging these four bloggers:

You know, the last time I did a similar tag (you had to post the sixth photo in the sixth folder), I didn't tag anyone specifically so I am going to cheat and tag four more people. I hope they don't kick me out of the tagging club for breaking the rules.

Thanks for the fun tag, Suzanne!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Scanner Time

Years ago, my dad bought me a scanner for Christmas. My sister borrowed it, took it to her house and I never saw it again.

In 2005, my dad bought me another scanner for Xmas and I never used it. Until tonight. I promised a friend I would post some high school pictures on Facebook.

I have no idea what I am doing. I had to download a driver for Windows Vista since the software was outdated, and I have the instruction guide open, but I pretty much just put this little tissue holder in the scanner, closed the lid, and the next thing I know, it was making sounds and scanning away.

I didn't realize you had to put the item against the edge of the plate, which is why there's so much white around it. But hey, at least I got it to scan!

Here I am at Disneyland with my friend Laurie in 1979. That's me on the right. We had the day off from school (it was a teacher inservice day) and one of us had the brilliant idea that we go to Disneyland by bus. Since it wasn't a real holiday, the park was not crowded at all. There were no lines to get on the rides so we would get off of one and get right back on it again.

We had such a good time that day. I think that was probably the best trip I ever had to Disneyland.

Off to scan some more pictures!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Totally Rad!!

I wasn't going to do this but I cannot help myself. I feel that if I have suffered through it, you, too, must also suffer through it. (You being anyone who grew up in the 80's.)

I present How To Dance Like The Go Gos. (This is all Kellie's fault.)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Insert Scream Here

So, yesterday, I called the only phone number listed on the webpage for the local DMV office, hoping to speak with a live person who could help me either make an appointment to take the written test or to confirm the seventeen appointments I had already set up thanks to my seventeen attempts at using their lame automated online system. (Why, yes. I do have a huge N stamped on my forehead for naive. How did you know?)

Let's just say they use an automated phone system and it's just as lame as the online one.

I may call back tomorrow just to give goofy answers to the male voice. When he says "Enter your zip code," I will say "I'll have the filet of sole." And, when he asks how many items I need to process, I will say "666...Damien!"

Moving on to happier things...

Arizona is looking for free embroidery patterns for princess-y things like a crown or a magic wand for a quilt. I'm sure I've come across patterns she could use but can't remember where I saw them. If you know where she can find some, please leave her some comments on her blog, The Craftivist. Thanks!

Look at these cute stickers you can print out from Lotta Bruhn [link via Craft]. And, if you have some time, wander around Lotta's blog for a bit and check out her amazing artwork.

Andrea Zuill has posted her January embroidery freebie over at Bad Birds. I really like this one. Ok, I like them all.

Over at Canadian Living, you can find directions on making "cute bears to sew from felt." I may never get around to making these but I get giddy when I see anything made of felt and must link to the pattern. [Link via How About Orange]

This French site has a bunch of cross stitch charts for bookmarks with a variety of designs. Click each bookmark for a copy of the pattern. (Thanks to Diane on one of my Yahoo lists for that link.)

I mentioned the Whirl Into Winter Quilt Blog Giveaway the other day but forgot to add that Jenna from CorgiPants is one of the participating bloggers. If you win her giveaway, you get to choose your prize: either her Pillowcase Pinnie Apron pattern or her Black Forest Scoodie pattern. Enter by January 14th.

Sublime Stitching is holding a Micro Monogram Stitcher's Challenge. To enter, stitch up a teeny tiny monogrammed pillow and submit it to their Customer Gallery, and you could win a boxed set of the first four issues of Craft magazine. You have until January 20, 2009. (OMG, it's 2009!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Projects For This Week

It's been awhile since I finished any cross stitch or embroidery projects so I am planning on working on a few this week (and I figure if I mention them here, I will be more likely to do them).

Karin at Nordic Craft is sharing a cute embroidery sampler for the New Year [link via Craft] and I want to stitch that.

Have you heard about sending a birthday card for Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday? The story was on the radio last week so I did little searching and found some information at the Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission's site.

When greeting cards are exchanged this holiday season, why not send a 200th birthday card to the man who gave us Thanksgiving, saved the Union, and kept things under his hat?

Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday is February 12, 2009, and the Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission encourages citizens of all ages to send birthday greetings, hand-made if possible, to Mr. Lincoln’s official mailing address as recognized by the United States Postal Service:

Abraham Lincoln
c/o Old State Capitol
1 Old State Capitol Plaza
Springfield, IL 62701

“Whether they are made with crayon and construction paper or lace and ribbons, we hope the cards from all over the world pour into Mr. Lincoln’s home town in the weeks leading up to his birthday,” said Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Chair Marilyn Kushak.

Select cards received at the Old State Capitol may be used for physical or website displays, or for publicity purposes.

I found a coloring page of Abe on The White House Kids site and if I can get my act together, I would like to embroider it and turn it into a card. (If I actually complete this one, pigs will fly.)

I also want to finish up the embroidery that was supposed to be the header for this blog back in September. (Yes, I am ready to take down my beloved garland header.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Whirl Into Winter Giveaway

Be sure to check out the Whirl Into Winter Quilt Blog Giveaway. (Thanks to Loralyn for the link!) The prizes are fabric, quilt & apron patterns, magazines, books and finished handmade items. Every blogger has their own requirements on entering so read their giveaway posts before you leave them some comments. Good luck!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year To Me

I think the only resolution I made last year was to leave more comments on what I call "lonely blogs." You know the ones where no one has commented on a post even though the blogger is sharing a photo of something incredible that she made. I always feel bad when I see that. So, again, I pledge to leave more comments on all the blogs I read and not just the lonely ones.

This year, I've decided no resolutions until I found out if I would be getting my drivers license back. I had an interview on Tuesday at the DMV Safety Office. It was all very official. The safety officer asked me if I wanted a lawyer present (uh, do I need one?), I had to raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth (I kept waiting for Rusty the bailiff to make an appearance. Or Jack McCoy), she recorded the whole thing (which made me nervous enough to blank out on the name of my street when I had to give my mailing address) and she entered my accident report and doctor's statement into evidence. She was very nice but very business-like and I know she didn't find me very amusing. She said that after she reviewed her "findings," she would notify me by mail of her decision.

Well, today I got her notice to SET ASIDE my suspension. I still can't drive just yet -- my license actually expired on my birthday in September but I didn't know that until I used it for ID to cash a check at the bank and the teller told me. (I hadn't looked at the thing in months so what did I know?) I will have to go to the DMV and take a written test (wouldn't it be hilarious if I failed it?). And, I need to find a company to insure me, which won't be easy. After being stuck in this house for over two years, I finally feel like I am on the way to getting my life back.

So, here are my resolutions:

Craft more.
Drive everywhere.
Go To Felt Club. (It's not until closer to the holidays but I am going this year no matter what.)

Sad update: Rusty the bailiff died in 2002.