Thursday, January 22, 2009

And, Now, My Good Foot Is Screwed Up

Look at my new shoe. Isn't it lovely? I wish I could say I was up at Big Bear and twisted my ankle while snowboarding, but it's for an infection in my toe, which keeps developing because apparently I walk funny, and this stupid boot will take the pressure off my foot, and give my toe a chance to heal.

And, this is my GOOD foot, not the deformed one.

I'm really tired of all of this crap with my feet. It's been going on for about a year now and I am ready to move on.

And, now that you've sat through my whining, (thanks!), here are some links for you.

Did you guys know Stephanie Nielson has started blogging again? How great is that?!

Go enter the giveaway for a stitchable tote bag and some Aunt Martha iron-on transfers at Bookwormbethie. (Remember, if you're not into embroidery, you could always give your winnings to me.)

Cross stitch designer Sue Hillis has a blog and back in December she posted a free chart of a Santa Pirate. "Yo ho ho ho!" (It's never too early to start working on your Xmas ornaments.)

I found some adorable embroidery patterns on Flickr from Jacque Davis. I'm adding the Friendly Margarita and the Salsa and Chips patterns to my to-stitch list.

A Vintage Collection is chock-ful of ...uh...vintage pictures, graphics and patterns (including some for embroidery and quilts). Go take a look.

And, now my stupid boot and me are off to the doctor to give some blood for labwork. Hey, next week, when he tells me how uncontrolled my blood sugars have been lately, I can blame it on my infected toe. Yeah!


Miss 376 said...

Such a big boot for a little toe! Hope it heals soon, you can't be too careful with them

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Your poor foot!! I'm sure that clunky thing makes walking fun. lol!

Daffycat said...

Holy smokes...that huge boot for one little toe? You poor dear!

marybt said...

Crap. Why do you do this to me? I get my "to make" pile down to a manageable size and then you have to go and post more links! Gah!

Besides that, I thought you were supposed to be making stuff. :p

I hope your foot heals quickly. My FIL is wearing one of those on his good foot as we speak.

As Pollyanna would say, "Think of all the PipStitching you can do while you're resting your foot!"

Brook said...

Whoa big boot for a little toe!!! Sorry to hear !!! Hope it gets better!

barbara said...

Heavens. I think you should make up a story about snowboarding anyway. I had a friend who broke her ankle on her one and only visit to the yacht club, and it was very impressive when people asked her what happened.

Amy C said...

wishing you a super speedy recovery. Been meaning to say how much I LOVE your new banner - its adorable.

Threeundertwo said...

Some people will do anything to get out of "Finished for Friday!" I'll let you off the hook just this once.

So excited that NieNie is back! Thanks for letting me know! What a story.

Jenny S said...

aww no... poor you, hope it gets better quickly :)
Hugs xo

Diane said...

With that big boot on, I guess all your kung-fu fighting will have to wait... dang. Feel better soon!

Anne said...

I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for the great links.

Kellie said...

Well, crap, Patty. That just sucks.

Maybe you could stitch something cute on your big black boot? Or maybe you could get another one, moan, and shuffle around pretending your Frankenstein???

I want to check out the Vintage Collection.