Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Guide To Trading Candy

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello, October!

I love how I am always saying how I am getting back into blogging and then I never do.  The thing is I REALLY do miss it.  And, it's not like I don't have anything to write about.  I can always find something. Even if it's just to post another dog picture.  (I'll wait until the end to do that.). 

Back in April, I made this bunny.  Yeah, I know, it looks like a bear.  And, the dress is not reversible like the one for the Fluffy*Stuffy Bunny Jenny made.  (Get the bunny pattern here.)  After I sewed the dress pieces together, turned them right side out, and then tried to sew the opening closed, you could totally see all the stitches.  I can't do a blind stitch or a hidden stitch to save my life.  So I just left it open.  Then I didn't add a yoke because I couldn't hide those stitches either.  So my bunny not only looks like a bear but she also can't show off her two sided dress and isn't fluffy like the original.  She probably hates me.  And, I just realized something after looking at Jenny's Fluffy*Stuffy Bunny on her blog: mine has no tail.  Oh yeah, I am quite the crafter.

By the way, the dress fabric came from Mary and the buttons are from Barbara.  Thank you, ladies!

I found this cute pot holder at the local antique store back in July.  I've always loved that bee pattern.   It's Vogart 293 and you can find it by checking Google.  (Some day I will use a different comforter when I take pictures, I promise.)

Cute dog picture time!  "Nice bear" says Pumpkin.

Next time I post, in May 2017, I'll show you want else I got from the antique store that day.  Happy Monday Night!