Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Insert Scream Here

So, yesterday, I called the only phone number listed on the webpage for the local DMV office, hoping to speak with a live person who could help me either make an appointment to take the written test or to confirm the seventeen appointments I had already set up thanks to my seventeen attempts at using their lame automated online system. (Why, yes. I do have a huge N stamped on my forehead for naive. How did you know?)

Let's just say they use an automated phone system and it's just as lame as the online one.

I may call back tomorrow just to give goofy answers to the male voice. When he says "Enter your zip code," I will say "I'll have the filet of sole." And, when he asks how many items I need to process, I will say "666...Damien!"

Moving on to happier things...

Arizona is looking for free embroidery patterns for princess-y things like a crown or a magic wand for a quilt. I'm sure I've come across patterns she could use but can't remember where I saw them. If you know where she can find some, please leave her some comments on her blog, The Craftivist. Thanks!

Look at these cute stickers you can print out from Lotta Bruhn [link via Craft]. And, if you have some time, wander around Lotta's blog for a bit and check out her amazing artwork.

Andrea Zuill has posted her January embroidery freebie over at Bad Birds. I really like this one. Ok, I like them all.

Over at Canadian Living, you can find directions on making "cute bears to sew from felt." I may never get around to making these but I get giddy when I see anything made of felt and must link to the pattern. [Link via How About Orange]

This French site has a bunch of cross stitch charts for bookmarks with a variety of designs. Click each bookmark for a copy of the pattern. (Thanks to Diane on one of my Yahoo lists for that link.)

I mentioned the Whirl Into Winter Quilt Blog Giveaway the other day but forgot to add that Jenna from CorgiPants is one of the participating bloggers. If you win her giveaway, you get to choose your prize: either her Pillowcase Pinnie Apron pattern or her Black Forest Scoodie pattern. Enter by January 14th.

Sublime Stitching is holding a Micro Monogram Stitcher's Challenge. To enter, stitch up a teeny tiny monogrammed pillow and submit it to their Customer Gallery, and you could win a boxed set of the first four issues of Craft magazine. You have until January 20, 2009. (OMG, it's 2009!)


Miss 376 said...

Makes you wonder what you have to do to speak to a real person!

Smilingsal said...

Whenever I get the computer answering me, I answer all questions by saying, "representative." Try it. For some reason, it works for me!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Oh, I loathe the DMV! It seems every time I go there they are hell bent on making me so insane I'll need to be committed...or at least sedated.

Thanks for posting my cry for help. lol! I found a picture of a magic wand that is pretty cute, so I'm going to freehand it onto my quilt. And a crown isn't too difficult, either, but its sure nice to have a stitchery already already drawn up that I can simply copy. Hopefully someone will have a link for me. Thanks again!

I'm interested in the micro monogram stitchers challenge...I'll have to check that out!

marybt said...

That is so weird that you'd link to How About Orange today. I stumbled upon it last night by accident and thought it was really cool! :)

I think our local utility company has the worst automated system in the free world. One day, after going round and round for over 20 minutes and hearing my accounty summary for 19,875th time, I lost my cool and screamed, "I just want to pay my f***ing bill! WHY WON'T YOU LET ME PAY MY F***ING BILL?!" They must have had one of those people who monitors the call because, even though I didn't press any buttons, I magically got a guy on the phone!

Anne said...

When I call an get an automated voice, I speak in jiberish and end up getting transfered to a "real" person. It makes me laugh every time I do it.

Elizabeth said...

I do what Ann does, talk nonsense and they put a real person on the line!

Bunny said...

The other night, I had to call the Windows support line. A ZILLION HOURS LATER... I finally get a real person on the line and I can't understand a word she's saying!! Then she transfers me back to another automated system which proceeds to hang up on me when I say "no" to the question "has this answered your question?"

ARGH. I feel your automated pain.

Kellie said...

You know you could just bark like a dog in response when you call back.

I just noticed your new Facebook button. You're on facebook?

Threeundertwo said...

First, I love love love those birds at Andrea's site. Wonder if I can fit them into my project queue.

Second, those bookmarks are fabulous! I love to make bookmarks for my reading friends and that's just the motherlode of cute patterns. Thanks for the links.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about your DMV problems; we all have horror stories, don't we?!

Thanks for the link to the French site. Do you have any idea how to view the pattern? I tried clicking on the link and opening w/ Adobe and also w/ Pattern Maker but no go.

I really enjoy your blog! ~Elizabeth