Friday, June 1, 2012

Easter Embroidery

I know it's June but I haven't been able to post pictures for awhile so I have some catching up to do.

There was a tutorial for an adorable fabric Easter basket posted on Red Brolly back in March.  I wanted to make it and only got as far as doing the embroidery, but hey, at least I did that.  Now that I can upload my pictures again. I'll take a better one as soon as I iron this.  And, thank you to Sarah and Mary for the floss.  Other than the brown for the bunny and the white for his tail, everything else is the variegated stuff you both sent me -- Cosmo Seasons from Sarah and Janlynn from Mary.  (Hard to see in the picture, I know.)

I have a bad relationship with French knots.  I hate them and always will.  My first one will turn out fine and sometimes the second one will be ok too, but then everything goes downhill and they end up deformed and I have to start over, which is frustrating.  I think some of these are alright but I can see which ones are too loose.  (Sorry for the lousy picture but I just cropped the one above.)


Bunny said...

Very cute!

jan said...

I think your bunny tail is perfect! It looks very fluffy and cottony!