Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Can Embroider These For Next Halloween

Yeah, I know I should have posted this a month ago. Halloween is practically tomorrow but there's still some time to whip out a few spooky scary projects, right? Or, to get started on making stuff for next year. I'm re-posting some of last year's embroidery freebie links because I totally think they are worth sharing again.

Pumpkinhead girl, candy corn, owl, bat, kids in costumes from Green Jello

Bunnies in costumes from Craft Blog

Pumkin Girl from Andrea Zuill at Bad Birds

Witch and vampire from Quixotic Pixels

Ghosts in costumes from Annie Oakleaves

And, I can't forget Jenny's adorable Dangly Spider.

And, thanks to One Pretty Thing, here's a prim Fall Stitchery (pumpkin head with cat mask) from Cash Strapped Crafting (I totally need to check out that blog) and Bat Boy from Andrea Zuill. If you don't regularly visit, One Pretty Thing, you really need to start NOW. Rachel posts so many great links to freebies there.

I haven't done anything for Halloween except for turning some older cross stitched designs into ornaments, but I made a garland of felt leaves last week and I'll share it on Friday. (Have to take a picture first.) And I am almost finished with an embroidery of Tubby as a witch for a little bag. (For those of you just tuning in, Tubby is my Pet Society critter. Here she is hanging out in her back room where she pretends to sell baked goods and lemonade while wearing fish nets and a witch hat.) (Why, yes, I do live vicariously through Miss Tubbalicious.)


Fern said...

Thank you so much for linking to my bunnies!

Busym1 said...

I'm sure theres a few minutes left to stitch Halloween! Then you can use it now if only for a few days, then bring it out next year! Love the links, hugs, michelle

Loralynn said...

Great links, Patty! Thanks!

marybt said...

You gotta make something and quit posting links, sister.

Every time you post a link, my To Craft List (binder, actually) gets thicker. I am not making any headway and I blame you. Well actually, I blame you AND el nino equally.

Jenny S said...

Ha ha ha! Love how Tubby is getting in the Halloween mood :)

Thanks for linking me xo

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hello Patty! I wanted to say thank you for all the great links you've given lately. I'm loving all the projects you've done too! I've been kind of busy and I apologize for not stopping to say 'Hi'! Hope you have a great weekend. Twyla

Miri said...

Ms. Tubby in Halloween mode is adorable! Thanks for the links-I'm off to check them out!

photo stitching said...

Aesthetically marvellous!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm still lovin' Ms. Tubby, and I really want to see your felt leaf garland!