Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm a Pattern-a-holic

I forget when I started, but for years I have been buying embroidery transfer patterns, both old and new, and have yet to actually sit down and stitch something.

Wait. I did begin working on a lampshade cover (it was just plain white cotton) that I had ironed a bunch of Poodle transfers on to. I did one Poodle so far (wow! one whole one!) and that was about a month ago. Or maybe two months ago. I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out so I may rip it out and re-do it. Or maybe I'll just go buy a pretty lampshade and forget this embroidery project.

Some of the patterns I have:

From Pattern Bee:
Cute animals (I have a thing for hedgehogs)
Perky Pups (I also have a thing for dogs)
Pups N Puns (You can buy these transfers on Pattern Bee but I found towels already stamped with the designs on eBay)

From Sublime Stitching:
Chi Chi Fever
Darling Dachshunds
I Luv Veggies

Kewpie Patterns (I got mine on eBay but you can find them for free at Yesterday's Charms)

Aunt Martha's Fruit N Veggie Pup (I got mine at a local craft store but I've bought other stuff from Acme Notions and was very happy)

OH MY GOD!! As I was looking for links to the patterns I have, I came across a blog called Vintage Transfer Finds. Not only does Floresita the blogger post pictures of the patterns' envelopes, but she also shares some of the patterns so you can print them out and use them. And, one of her labels is "puppies." I feel like I just died and went to embroidery transfer heaven!

The Poodle transfers that I used for my lampshade came from this pattern (thanks, Floresita, for having that one) which I got on eBay.

I'd love to post more about embroidery patterns and other stuff but I need to spend some time at Vintage Transfer Finds. Pardon me while I drool.

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floresita said...

I love all the resources you've put together here! I've always been curious about those creepy-cute kewpie babies - thanks for posting that link!

I'm so glad you're enjoying my transfers blog - I'm trying to add at least 5 new patterns a month, so keep checking back! :)