Monday, February 26, 2007

Start Me Up

This is not my first blog. I've been posting about my cross stitching for nearly a year over on Diaryland. I've tried Blogger several times in the past but l preferred Diaryland because I could do my own lay-out there...well, I could change around a D-land template using some basic HTML and make it look how I wanted it. Blogger still won't let you do that. Or maybe they do and I just haven't found the instructions yet. The bad thing about Diaryland is you have to pay to put up images and have comments, and since I'm currently unemployed, that means I can't afford to renew my subscription, so all my photos will be gone soon, and then my blog will look stupid. So, I'm back to Blogger.

From my cross stitch blog at Diaryland, March 2006:

This is why I hate Blogger: last week I deleted every entry in my blog for cross stitching except one. I just now deleted the entire blog but when i click the link for it, I still see the one entry I did not delete last week. Why is it still there?

Another reason I hate Blogger: I had two blogs there. When I added an entry to the x-stitch one, it showed up immediately. When I added one to the dog adoption blog, I would only see it on the editing page and not on the blog itself. It would take a few days to show up there. That's stupid.

I just hope everything works the way it should this time.

I'm now going to move everything from Diaryland to here. Good thing I hardly ever blog anything so there isn't much to move.

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Guava said...

Hi Patty. Sorry things didn't work out over there. Your "still waiting for Elia" comment was tempting me for ages. Every so often, I would type in a comment and hit the button, hoping that this time the comments were working. It was like I never heard of email.

Once I even had this impulse (similar to when I buy impractical shoes online) to give the blog some money so I could post comments, but it asked me for my diaryland login and I didn't want to sign up to pay for comments.

But I like PipStitch. Looks good!