Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dogs and Pigs

If I check the Remember Me box on the Blogger dashboard, why do I have sign every single freaking time? Grrrr.

I was just at Table Calender, [link via Lanetz Living], admiring this adorable stuffed doggy and this cute little red pup. (I was looking at other stuff too but I'm a geek for dogs, ok?)

The picture in this post reminded me of my own pig collection and how I need to get off my butt and get the digital camera out so I can start taking some pictures of things like my cross stitch so I can add them here. And, since it's the year of the pig, I could post one of my pigs every day like that guy did with Dog Each Day (he posted original artwork though) . . . ok, I swear I had not seen Pig of the Day on Flickr until just now [link via Dog Each Day].

I look at this cute one and wonder how I can ever eat bacon again.

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