Saturday, March 31, 2007

I swear it was like the set of "Arachnophobia"

This is where I used to live back in 2001. Actually, I lived there until last September. Since I took this photo, the trees have grown bigger and fuller, and are like canopies over the walkway in some places. As you can see, the houses face each other. There's a row of four houses on each side and I lived at the end of one row. I had to walk down this path to get to where my car was parked on the street. Not a bad walk at all, except that when the weather got warmer, there were huge ass spiders living in those trees. They would weave their webs from one tree to another, and I would walk beneath those trees, constantly on the look out for strands of the webs, hanging down from the branches. Sometimes I carried a stick with me -- the green kind you tie tomato plants to so they don't fall over -- and I would wave the stick back and forth in the air in front of me as I went down that path in an effort to knock down any webs before I walked into them. I'm sure I looked like a somewhat confused blind person. I realized the other day, that as much as I loved that house, I do not miss the spiders or the webs.

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