Thursday, May 3, 2007

Here's a Heart Yo-Yo Tutorial

I saw that Turkey Feathers linked to the tutorial for making a heart shaped yo-yo the other day. I have been meaning to do that for a few weeks. I have all these emails with links that I sent to myself back when I wasn't able to use my computer because it died and I couldn't save anything, with plans to eventually put them here. I'm afraid that if I post them all in one night, I won't have anything else to write about for a few weeks, so I've been adding them sparingly.


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Penny Sanford Porcelains: Pattern for Heart Yo-Yo

Penny Sanford Porcelains is another one of those blogs that I just enjoy looking at. I mean, I read it too, but I'm a geek for flower pictures and cute little doggie pictures, and there are many to see there.

Also, there are tutorials on making Pet Collar Slipcovers. This one has rick-rack and a heart-shaped yo-yo. The others are linked in that entry.

Maggie wears a boring blue collar around the house and a boring black harness is added for walks. I think her collar needs a slipcover with rick-rack and a heart yo-yo on it. Yes, she does.

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