Monday, May 7, 2007

I Want a Taco

Look at these napkins with cute mexican food that Floresita embroidered. Not only ate they adorable but they make me really want a taco.

This is what really sucks about not having a driver's license: not being able to get in the car when you want to and just go. If I could, I would totally go to Pedro's for a taco and some rice in about nine hours.

I have lost track of how many Mexican restaurants I've passed by in San Juan Capistrano since I moved here last Fall. We keep going to Pedro's though. I couldn't find a website for it but here's a review of it on a blog that I just found through Google. I love that there's a photo of the place I buy postcards in the entry too (it's the building that's south of Pedro's). Hmm, a blogger who reviews Mexican restaurants in Orange County. I think I'll be reading those archives when I have some time.

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ChristianZ said...

Yes, that's my blog and I found your blog because somebody followed the link to it from yours. We also recently posted a review of the El Maguey restaurant in SJC.