Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Needlebook Swap (What Was I Thinking)

I signed up for another swap on Swap-bot. I'm already nervous about it because I have to make a needlebook for two people (or was it three?) and it freaks me out a little to know that what I make will be for someone else. Someone who will probably look at it, snicker and say "Wow, she really needs to practice that blanket stitch." I'm 99% sure I'll make the needlebooks out of felt. Not sure what I'll be doing with it yet though. I'm going to use the pattern for the Forget-Me-Not needlebook from Pattern Bee. I've already made one for myself and was happy with how it turned out.

Speaking of needlebooks, look at this Hello Kitty one. How cute is that. The strawberry and the crochet cupcake thingy are adorable too. I don't think I've ever been to Little Thing before but she makes some really nice stuff. I love this purse. And there's a tutorial for a Kitty-Heart Felt Keyring. I really like that. Look at the other keyrings she has made.

Janet at Primrose Designs is selling embroidery patterns now. They're all adorable. They aren't iron-ons so you'll have to transfer them on to fabric yourself.

I recently did a horrible job of transferring a n embroidery design onto a linen towel. I ended up with double lines in a couple of places -- I did not secure the pattern to the towel before ironing it -- so I was just going to toss the towel in the trash. But I decided to try washing it. So, a little Spray N Wash, a little bleach, and one wash cycle later, and the entire ironed-on transfer was gone. And now I can try putting the pattern on the towel again. Memo to my idiot self: don't forget the pins next time.

Ok, I am off to stitch up some felt needlebooks.

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