Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Quick One Before I Go To Bed

8/13/10 update: I posted a new picture of the Scottie needlebook because the old one was totally out of focus.

Here's a pattern for a cute needlebook that's shaped like Sunbonnet Sue. I have a Scottie dog one that I got on eBay that was made the same way. The person who made it sandwiched a felt square (for the needles) between two Scottie shaped pieces of felt and sewed them together at the top. (Can you tell I no longer have camera issues? Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard are now off the shit list too.)

Doesn't this look good? I need to make that and soon.

Hot damn! Over at Sommer Designs is a picture of Carrie the blogger in her apron for National Wear Your Apron Day! Woo hoo! There's also a dog in the photo so bonus points for Carrie. And, wow, look at this gorgeous apron she made and sells.

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