Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Craft Gossip and a Tampon Craft Story

I first read about that Halloween stitch-a-long that I posted about earlier from Heather who's the needlework editor on Craft Gossip. (I forgot to mention that before. I have this thing about crediting someone if they linked to something that I then linked to.)

I was just back at Craft Gossip and discovered a second freebie from Periphaeria Designs and Heather. This one would also make a nice biscornu. Once the Blogathon is over, I am going on a biscornu making spree until I run out of floss and fabric. I really want to do one in all red on white fabric.

I should add that I've mostly been reading Heather's needlework posts but Craft Gossip covers a variety of crafts, like knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, and everyone's favorite activity: crafting with tampons.

I wrote about my own experience with making angels out of tampons on my old blog, and I have to tell you, it sure got me a lot of hits from the Googlers.

Tampon Angel Making and Me

A few years ago, I was at a website dedicated to crafty stuff and found this one project where you took tampons (unused, of course) and turned them in to angels for on your Christmas tree. I got excited by the simple directions and the unusual choice of materials, and decided to make a few for my friends. To make the angels, you first dipped the tampon in some water so it would expand, giving the angel a "dress," and then wound the sting around the top to create a head. After letting it dry completely, you could add a halo, some eyes and a mouth for a face, and voila, you had your Christmas ornament.

So I wet several tampons and hung them by their strings from the faucet in the bathroom sink to dry overnight. The next day, they were all dry and had turned out nicely. I had a "if only Martha Stewart could see me now" moment. I left them hanging there and I guess I went to work or to Starbucks or something. When I went back to the bathroom later in the day, they were gone. It didn't take me long to realize the cleaning lady must have thrown them away. I didn't care that she got rid of them since I had a whole box of "supplies" left but I wondered just what she had come up with when she was trying to figure out why I had dried tampons hanging from the faucet in my bathroom sink. Did she think I couldn't afford to buy anymore or that I was REALLY into recycling? I'm sure she decided I was a major freak.

After that, I didn't make any further attempts at tampon angel making. The excitement I had previously felt about the whole thing just wasn't there anymore.

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