Saturday, July 28, 2007

Darling Doxies

I have no idea who is reading this today because no one is commenting. That makes me think no one who pops in here is interested in needlework, so instead I'll just write for the future Googlers who end up here while looking for free charts or something related to cross stitch or embroidery. I know who my audience is (thanks to Sitemeter) and I'm thinking it's not the Blogathoners.

I have a few embroidery transfers from Sublime Stitching, including the Darling Dachshunds one. The other night I was on Flickr looking for crafty dog things I could link to here, and found a bib that had an embroidered Dachshund on the front. And here's a dress with one too. And here's one with the lady walking the Doxie pattern stitched on it. You can buy a onesie for your baby with the Dachshund on it at this site.

I'm really inspired to dig out my patterns, Needles, Floss, and some white material and get to stitching now. I wonder if my sponsors would still donate if I ditched this thing.

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Jessica said...

I'm reading it! I hope you'll post photos of your finished dachshund piece.