Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Found a Missing Post or Three

During the Blogathon, I lost two posts. I could have sworn Blogger told me they had been published but they didn't show up on my blog. Well, I just found one. It's actually showing as the very first post on Saturday with a time stamp of12:18 am, even though I wrote about being six hours into the Blogathon.

Apparently, we had some Blogger Gremlins at work on Saturday.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

It has almost been six hours since we started this blogathon! I've had time to visit a few other participating blogs this morning. I keep checking Food & Movies because Stacia is posting pictures of old postcards that her dad had saved. I've been saving postcards for years, ones I bought myself, and ones that were sent to me, so I am really enjoying her pictures. I'm glad she chose to share them today. Oh yeah, Stacia is blogging for the ASPCA. There's a blogroll on the right sidebar for other bloggers who are also supporting animal welfare organizations today. Please consider sponsoring one of us. Thank you!I am so late with this one!
Posted by Patty at 12:18 AM

Actually, I lost 3 posts and I just figured out it was my fault. I put the wrong time on them. For example, say I started writing the midnight entry at 11:40 PM. When I was done with it, I would change it to whatever time I finished -- like 12:05 AM -- so the time stamp would show that. Well, I must have put PM instead of AM for two of the entries so Blogger posted them chronologically and that's why I couldn't find them. The one above got an AM when it should have gotten a PM.

I know no one cares. I'm just happy to know I wasn't imagining things and they really did get posted.

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jen said...

blogger skewered quite a few of you during the 'thon. i just looked to make sure you were still posting regularly so i don't think i missed the posts that were eaten.