Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Charity For Today

Well, don't expect to see any pictures here today. For some reason, nothing comes up when I go through Blogger to add an image. Yet I can see open the image files on my computer. Can we postpone this Blogathon thing until next weekend?

Today I'll be blogging (for 24 hrs straight) for Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue. Lone Star rescues Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos from animal shelters, puppy mills, and owners who can no longer keep their dogs. The dogs receive medical care, if needed, and then they are placed in foster homes until a forever home is found.

One thing about Lone Star that I really love is how they're willing to take in senior dogs and the ones with special needs. Many rescue groups only have room for what they consider the "adoptables" -- the young, healthy dogs, In addition, they may only want the purebreds. Lone Star takes the Shih Tzu mixes and the Lhasa mixes and dogs that have no Lhasa or Tzu in them at all. In my opinion, this is what rescue is all about.

Lone Star has a blog where you can read the latest news about their rescue efforts.

Remember: Lone Star is a regsitered 501c3 charity, so your donations are tax-deductible, and they're entiredly "staffed" by volunteers.

(I still have not had any caffeine yet.)

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