Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Sister and Lol Cats

My sister, Susan, is another one of my sponsors. She has a cat named Missy who likes to sleep all twisted up in the chair.

Missy was a stray my grandmother took in about 14 years ago. When we moved my grandmom out here to California, Missy came too. And after my grandmother passed away, she became my sister's cat.

We've always had dogs that liked table food, and yes, we feed it to them, and yes, I know that's bad, but it never dawned on me that cats would like it too. I think Missy's favorite thing is bologna. She will stand on her hind legs and put her paws on my knee, and I swear she is telling me "I can has baloney." Really, she is. It is so hard to say no to that.

If you haven't been to I Can Has Cheezburger? yet, you need to go now. I can laugh for hours at Monorail Cat. (And, I do.)


jen said...

ever tried to eat a tuna sandwich around 4 cats? yeah... cats eat table food. they'll even sit on top of you and try to pry your lips open. (not that mine do that. noooooo...)

Patty said...

Interesting. I guess I just never thought about it.

Stacia said...

I can't believe Missy likes bologna! I have a cat who likes lettuce, though. In conclusion, cats are weird.

Patty said...

I once had a Shih Tzu who ate lettuce. I have one now who likes pickles, mango salsa, and Sweetarts.