Sunday, July 29, 2007

Six More Miles to the Graveyard

I had posted a midnight entry (I used a meme I saw on another blog) and then I posted another one after that was reminding everyone they could still make a pledge if they wanted.
Neither is showing up on my blog nor do I see them on my editing page, not even as drafts. I might be really screwed.


Well, who knows but at least everything I've posted since then is showing up, so I'm a happy camper (Van Beethoven?).

I have a few more dogs with needlework related names to share. The first three are kind of a stretch. I've mentioned that there's a fabric called Aida that you can cross stitch on. So, I give you: Aida Mae, Aida Beatrix Wright and Aida "Pretty Princess" Thelin.

Then there's Cross and Stitch. And, Stitches (Shih Tzu alert!)

And, last, is Stitch who is no longer with us.

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