Friday, July 13, 2007

Worth Watching

A trailer for the film "Mine: Taken By Katrina" is worth a look. It's about animals rescued after the hurricane and their owners' attempts to find them and get them back. I had no idea the Dog Whisperer refused to return a Katrina dog to his owner. There's a link to the trailer at their MySpace page.

Not long after Katrina, I was looking at rescued dogs on Petfinder and saw Buster. Buster's foster mom knew the address in New Orleans where he was found and had the names of the homeowners but that was it. Thanks to a lot of internet searching, I was able to track down someone who knew the homeowners who turned out to be Buster's owners. His foster mom eventually flew him to Iowa to be reunited with them. So, Buster's story had a happy ending. And, I helped locate a couple of other owners, which led to reunions with their dogs. But, unfortunately, I know people who are still looking for their missing Katrina pets.

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