Sunday, August 5, 2007

Biscornu Link Update

Maggie the Shih Tzu
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

Some time ago, I linked to a couple of posts on Craft Gossip where Heather, the needlework editor at the time, had shared two free cross stitch charts from Periphaeria Designs. Well, all the old needlework posts on Craft Gossip are now gone for some bizarre reason. I'm sure it has something to do with Heather no longer being the editor over at CG.

I stupidly did not save either chart, but luckily, they can be found on Periphaeria Designs (click on "Sample Designs"). I can hear them calling to me right now: "Make me into a biscornu! Make me into a biscornu!"

Actually, I can hear a dog growling. Lately, Maggie the Shih Tzu, will go sit in the middle of my bedroom floor and growl. I seriously think she is telling me it's time to go to bed, because she only does it after 2 am.

So, good night!

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