Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm Sure They're In It For The Money

One time, about 20 years ago, my grandmother came out for a visit and was being her usual bitchy self. I had had enough and had to get out of the house so I called Ticketmaster and got a ticket to a John Mellencamp show at Irvine Meadows for that night. It was a pretty good show. I had a nice drunk guy next to me who kept singing along to all the songs. After they John Mellencamp and his band came back out for an encore, the crowd started booing. Or so I thought at first. The nice drunk guy told me that Bruce Springsteen was onstage and sure enough he was. They weren't booing. They were yelling for Brooooce. Sometimes it pays to have a bitchy grandmother.

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Suzan said...

WOW! Great concert. But bitchy grandmother's cannot fun.