Saturday, August 18, 2007

We're Feeling Good From The Pills We Took

So, I haven't posted much lately because last week, I fell and broke my knee, and I didn't think being hopped up on Percocet would make for good blogging. Actually, Percocet only takes the pain away. It doesn't do much else.

Thanks to Blogger, I just found an unfinished post with the following:

I just discovered designer Anna Maria Horner's blog (thanks to My Half of the Brain). Here's a how-to for a cute felt owl ornament. And a felt garland. And a dog leash. I love her handwritten entry. I still write letters sometimes but nowhere near as many as I used to. It's easier to send an email, but I don't even do that sometimes. Right now, I have 216 emails to answer. Some are from as far back as June. I get on my computer and I'd rather read blogs or blow up cute little creatures.

I can't put any weight on my leg for two months (just shoot me). And, I was thinking, well, I could use all this downtime to stitch and embroider. So, maybe I'll have a few million things that I've made to share over the next two months.


Fiona said...

I was wondering why and ouch. I hope the pain will be gone soon!

Patty said...

Thanks, Fiona!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute handwritten entry. I like her handwriting.

Percosets sound so perky. I hope you are doing a little better this week! - Guava