Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Hospital Visit

Well, I just spent another five days in the hospital. A couple of days after my stitches were taken out, my incision got infected. Taking antibiotics for nearly two weeks didn't clear up the infection so the orthopedic guy decided to admit me so he could open up my knee (again) and clean it all out, plus put me on IV antibiotics.

After we left his office, I had my mom take me home first so I could grab a few things to keep me busy, including the chart for Emily's Halloween witch. I didn't have the green floss for her face with me but I got a good start on it. (And, yes, I know it's not the best picture.) (I somehow deleted the photo by accident and couldn't find it saved on my computer.>

So, I once again have a line of stitches going down my leg. And, I'm on oral meds. One really good thing is this past Friday marked six weeks since my first surgery so I'm FINALLY at the halfway point to being able to put my full weight on my leg and stop using the walker. I'd be doing a happy dance right now if I could.

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Emily said...

So cool you are doing my design. Don't be afraid to change a color for something else! :)