Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Witch Finish

Halloween Witch
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I finally got some black ribbon so I could turn Emily's Halloween Witch into a doorknob hanger. (And, yes I know I did not punch the holes evenly.) I was inspired by Brooke's finish for her Haunted Tea Party freebie. I wasn't sure how she did the loop border but I gave it a shot. I like how it looks but next time I will make my loops a little bigger.

I cheated on the French knot eyes. The first one I made came out well but the second, third and fourth attempts were not good so I gave up. Instead, I made a half stitch and then one down the side and along the bottom to make a triangle (if that even makes sense).

You can find the free chart for the Halloween Witch at The Floss Box. I love her green skin! By the way, Emily has also put out a Winter Witch. I'm sure I'll be doing that one too.


Emily said...

Your witch turned out great! Love your little kitties ornaments. :)

Patty said...

Thanks, Emily!