Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little Happy Halloween Pillow

Happy Halloween
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This picture has been waiting for three days to get posted so here it is: my "Happy Halloween" finish. I stitched it on 14 ct Aida, which I have really grown to dislike, but I have a good-sized piece of it and wanted to start using it up. (I really like 18 ct much, much better.) I used all the suggested floss colors except for under the trees and in one other place that I now forget for the roof (I just used similar colors from my floss stash). There's black felt on the back because I don't have any Halloween fabric, and the loop is crooked but oh well. I like how it turned out. Except for that spot in the middle where the row of pumpkins is indented. Maybe I should have put more stuffing in. (Happy Halloween chart is here.)

I finished stitching Emily's cute Halloween witch earlier tonight and will most likely add some felt to the back and stuff it, because you can never have too many little pillows, can you? (I need to try something new!)

Speaking of Emily over at The Floss Box, she has posted a bunch of free mini biscornu charts on her blog.

That's right. Mini biscornu. So little and so cute, your head might explode.


Michelle said...

That's a really cute pillow!

Patty said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Threeundertwo said...

You always have great links. I love the Halloween house, and the witch at the link is so funny! Love her buck teeth. Can't wait to see yours. And no, you can never have too many little pillows.