Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wondering About Embroidery On A Stuffed Something (could this title be any longer)

I've always wondered how to embroider a face on a stuffed something. Look at this picture. I don't get where the knotted end of the thread is. If I were going to make this little guy, I would embroider the face before I sewed the two sides together, but it seems like all the instructions I see always have you do the face after it's stuffed.

That photo is part of a tutorial on making a felt monster. I saw that link on Craft Tutorials -- there's a bunch of great stuff there (check out the sidebar).

The October/November challenge for The Purse Project is to make a container bag, like a cozy for an iPod, a bag for a camera or a lunch bag. I showed this pig iPod cozy to my mom and she said I should make one like it for her cell phone. Hmm. That might be an opportunity to talk her into buying me some wool felt.

The Purse Project theme last time around was to make an amulet bag. I love CarolJean's angel.

The most recent site to make me drool: Frills, Frocks and Fancies! [link via Apronista] In the very near future, Malphi will be selling "ready to sew" dressmaking kits. You'll get everything to make a dress or apron in the kit and won't have to deal with a pattern or cutting fabric. Sounds like a great idea to me. I love, love, love this apron. And, yes, I want the bloomers too.


Michelle said...

I'm not completely positive about the embroidery thing, but it's probably like when you're quilting and you pull the knot through the fabric from a short distance away from where you're doing the embroidery. I'd do like the woman in flickr and start the eye (easier to hide with the fabric layers) and then not tie off the thread until after all the parts. Then you make a knot and pull it through the last stitch. I hope I made sense. :-)

Patty said...

Thanks, Michelle, but I am still confused. :) Does the picture in this post on Primrose Design show what you mean by a knot a short distance away from the embroidery?