Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I linked to Stitch Pink a week ago and I think I mentioned there were links there to free breast cancer awareness charts. But I forgot to mention the one I started to do a few nights ago. It's from Painted Giraffe Stitchery and I like it because of the pink ribbon and heart charm on it. You'll have to email Bonnie and ask her to send you a PDF of the pattern. She's a very nice lady and emailed me a chart right away. More info is here.

I need to make something, like a pie or cupcakes or marshmallows. Other than sticking a batch of Pillsbury Ready To Bake cookies in the oven and mixing up one meatloaf, I haven't done any real cooking for two months now and I really miss it.

I got my second set of stitches out on Monday. The nurse covered the wound with temporary bandages. I peeled one off at the top and one off at the bottom today just to see what was under them, and it's just scabby and dry, which I believe is what we want. I just want it to thoroughly heal without any more problems or infections this time. Only another month to go and I can start using my leg again.

It was nice last night to take a break from all the news coverage about the fires and watch "Damages." If you didn't get into this show, and I know not many people did, you really missed out on some terrific television. I was happy with the way it ended so if it doesn't get renewed, it will be alright, but I do hope Fox decides to give it another chance. I want to see Ellen take down Patty Hewes.

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