Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Apron Giveaway and Some Rescued Dogs

Apronista is having TWO giveaways this week! The first is a mother/daughter apron set from Modern June and the other is from Pat Sloan of Quilters Home. To enter both giveaways, leave some comments on the posts at Apronista, and also link to the giveaway on your own blog, if you have one, (and, don't we all these days?) to be entered a second time.

Speaking of aprons, here's a picture (finally!) of the one that Suzan from Bombshell's Panorama made for me. I still can't believe she did that! I love the fabric and the vintage hankie in the pocket was so sweet. Thanks again, Suzan!

Apron from Suzan
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

I just stumbled on this while watching another video on YouTube. It's from one of my favorite Shih Tzu rescue groups, Lone Star down in Texas, and directed to those of you who still buy puppies in pet shops and through the internet. I hope it makes a difference for at least one person.

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