Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hello Kitty Has No Mouth, But She Always Eats Her Vegetables

Just in time for Christmas: A Christmas Story re-enacted out by bunnies. I haven't been back to Angry Alien Productions since August 2004. (I know that because I had a link to the Jaws bunny movie on my old blog then.) There's a ton of bunny movies there now. I think my favorite is Pulp Fiction but they're all worth watching.

For months, I have been clicking the link on Sis Boom Day Dreams to get to Jennifer Paganelli's video tutorials on Country Living but could never find them on the site until last night. Jennifer shows you how to make a Holiday Pin Tree here (I love these!) and there's a video for making yo-yos here. Well, I officially hate the Country Living website now. It looks like you need to go here and then click the yo-yo tutorial from the list on the left (it's the fifth one down). I absolutely hate when you can't directly link to something.

Be sure to check out the Sis Boom website if you haven't been there yet. There's so much gorgeous stuff there.

Oldie but goodie link: Hello Kitty Has No Mouth

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