Thursday, December 27, 2007

Finally. Another Pig Picture

I had my camera out Christmas morning to take pictures of us opening presents, and hardly took any, but I got one of this pig ornament that I've had for years. I think it came from a co-worker. I used to collect pigs and for awhile people were always giving them to me. If somebody knows you collect something, they really will think of you every time they see one, and often get it for you. This pig is made of some kind of stiff material -- maybe canvas -- but it's squeezeable too. It's always been one of my favorite ornaments.

I must link to this cute ATC. It was made for a weekly challenge and the theme this time was cross stitch. I just love Kewpies. Well, I don't love the actual dolls. I guess I should say that I love images of Kewpies. You can find a few free ones here. My personal favorite is the Kewpie with the hatchet. (WTF?)

That Kewpie with the axe reminds me how my foot is still swelling every day and I'm about ready to just have Kathy Bates come by and chop it off. This has been going on for over a month now and I am really sick of it. Some days it's just really uncomfortable, and other days, it really hurts. It's annoying and frustrating. And, many times, I can't even get a shoe on. I now completely understand why people go to rehab for an addiction to pain killers. If Percoset didn't make me dizzy and nauseous, I'd be popping them like I do butter mints.*

The orthopedic surgeon said if the swelling in my foot and leg wasn't being caused by a blood clot, he didn't know what else it could be from. Well, I don't have a blood clot, although the woman who performed the ultrasound to rule that out was in still in training and had no idea what she was doing so maybe I do have a blood clot and she was just too inexperienced to catch it. My diabetes doctor thinks the swelling is from the knee surgery, and I find it odd that the orthopedic guy wouldn't feel the same way. I wish I had said no to the surgery and just worn a cast for three months, I would have had really bad B.O. when it was time to remove it but at least I wouldn't have had all of these other issues. There is some good news though. I am able to move much better nowadays. I can use a step stool now and I'm able to sit on the floor with both legs bent at the knee and off to one side -- something I couldn't do two weeks ago. Last week, I went dancing. Ok, it was just me and my iPod, but it was so great to be able to do that without any pain, and to actually move around the room. I haven't been out dancing in a club for like eight years but it's nice to know I could go if I wanted. (Except I couldn't wear a shoe on my swollen foot.) The last time I tried dancing, my knee began to hurt within minutes and the pain lasted for days. I still can't jump and I will always feel the plate in my leg when I kneel on it, which creeps me out, but it's so good to be able to do some of this stuff again.

How did I get on that subject?? Oh yeah, it's that Kewpie with the hatchet's fault.

I added a header (thanks to the Blog Header Generator) and realized there are way too many dog pictures on this blog. Hello, there are four of them in the header alone! No, I'm not obsessed at all. Later, I will make a new collage to use for a header and will not include a single dog. And, then that pig ornament will take flight.

Maryse posted some details about her 2008 Stitch A Long and Frimousse has a free chart for another stuffed little building. It's a boulangerie. Speaking of Maryse's charts, last night I started this heart for a friend. It's going really quickly.

*the best butter mints ever


Michelle said...

Dancing in a club is not all its cracked up to be. ;)

Patty said...

I know. Sometimes it can be downright scary. You know, like when you see the white straight guys dance. Yikes!