Sunday, December 9, 2007

Time For Some Links

Kissy left some comments and said my biscornu turned out lop-sided because the fabric was not woven evenly. I totally agree with her about that. If every side had the same exact number of stitches, what else could it be? In other words, I didn't screw it up! It makes sense that my last biscornu was also lop-sided since I used the same material for that. By the way, the Aida I used is made by Charles Craft and sold at Michael's. I won't be using it for any future biscornu. (And, check out Kissy's cute snow people freebie. I love the snow lady's hat. I should stitch them on my uneven Aida.)

Thank you all for the recent comments!! It's so great to read them. Most of my visitors end up here after Googling for free charts and they never say anything.

TipNut has posted another DOW embroidery pattern. This one is for Friday Grapes. She also has a post with links to 56 free apron patterns (egads!). I haven't been through them yet but can't wait to start clicking.

Has anyone else printed out the chart for these ornaments? I can't get it dark enough to see the grid lines. Both my sister and I played around with it -- we made it bigger and darker -- and still couldn't get a decent copy. I guess I won't be stitching these now.

Cross Stitch Happy has a chart for a cute gingerbread man scissors fob and also another gingerbread man that you could make into an ornament or gift bag.

I didn't keep track of how I found the website for New Stitches magazine but thanks to whoever it was that had it linked on their blog. They have several free Christmas charts on the site, including Santa and a reindeer, some Xmas stockings, and a little house with "Happy Christmas" above it. There are also flowers and a set of Halloween patterns. They're all really nice.

One of the best tips ever from Martha Stewart was to use a thumbtack to hang a wreath on a door. Tie some ribbon on your wreath and put a tack in the ribbon and stick it into the top of your door. This way, you don't have to put a nail in your door.


Kissy said...

Patty, I love visiting your blog and to follow all the links you offer.

I know how you feel about the comments.
I would love to write more here but my English is very bad :-(

I saved the primitive Christmas ornaments but did not yet print.
Maybe you can draw them in a cross stitch software and print?
This is a free software you can install


Patty said...

Kissy, please email me at

I can't figure out how to post comments on your blog. Thanks!