Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Post I Never Finished

Here's another post I never finished. There was way more babbling about marshmallows but I've deleted it to save you from dying of boredom. I realized today that I totally forgot to mention the Winter '08 edition of the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival and I wish I had done it last week since some of the giveaways are already over or ending tonight. But, the giveaway at And She Can't Even Cook! is open until Feb 3rd (yay!) so leave some comments on the post and you'll be entered to win a cute Valentine's Day Apron. Another giveaway that's still open is for an adorable stuffed puppy from So And Sew Crafty.

I can remember watching Martha Stewart make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats on her old show but she used some kind of sweetened cereal (Fruity Pebbles?). I really don't want Coco Puffs or Fruit Loops mixed with my marshmallows so I've never tried making them with anything but Rice Krispies. Well, Cakespy recently held a challenge [link via Pop Culture Junk Mail] to see if marshmallow treats made with other cereals would hold up to the Rice Krispie version.

(I started writing this post a few days ago and ever since I have really been craving a marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich. You might know it as a Fluffernutter but I never knew they had a name until I read it online a few years ago. The first time I ever had one, I was in sixth grade and my friend Kelly made it for me. She was from Texas and I thought it was something they all ate there. We always made ours with Kraft Marshmallow Creme but it looks like you can get Marshmallow Fluff shipped right to your door. Hmm.)

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