Monday, January 28, 2008

Donkeys Donkeys Donkeys

I don't collect donkeys but I kind of have a thing for them. It's probably due to reading Brighty of The Grand Canyon during my horse phase in junior high. Well, I just saw the cutest donkey stamp on Write, Mama, Write. There was a link there to where the donkey stamp had come from so I went to Green Kitchen expecting to see the stamps for sale but guess what? You can download the pdf (it's linked in the post) or get them on Flickr! All the stamps (originally from a vintage French set) would make great embroidery patterns.

More donkey excitement: Mrs. Stitchy Britches shares an embroidery pattern of a donkey here and here and here too (she has been sharing a whole busload of patterns lately so be sure to go look if you haven't already).


g said...

Thanks for the link for the stamps - those are really cute, especially the donkey! Thanks also for the comment you left on my blog...I think I did have Misty. I loved those books and read them all during the same period I had my horse collection. I'm so sorry yours went missing... There's a person at the antique mall near us whose whole booth is Breyer I know people buy/sell them - you could get your Misty back!

Patty said...

There's an antique store here in town and they have a Misty for sale, but luckily, not all of my horses went missing and I still have my Misty. :)