Monday, January 21, 2008

The Panda Dog Link Still Works

How cute is this? You can find the original chart here. I really like Kathy's (the stitcher) version. It was done for this New Year's Day SAL contest. You can see all the entries here. You were supposed to start stitching on January 1st so it's too late to enter now but the blogger has a Yahoo group and will be having more SAL contests in the future.

It's a heart, it's made of felt, and it's a needlecase you can make: a Heart Felt Needlecase. I love it. Update: You can find the pattern and tutorial here.

It's linked in the side bar but in case you haven't clicked the link yet, all of you dog people should check out the photos on Riviera Dogs.

I saw Emily did that four things meme on The Floss Box. I had posted it some time ago on my old blog so I went back to look for my answers and found a link to Keith's Colouring Book instead. Back in June 2003, I thought it was great because of the Nancy Drew coloring pages but now I look at the index of them and all I can think is EMBROIDERY PATTERNS!!

Yay! The instructions and images to make the toppers on the cupcakes on the cover of current issue of Country Living are at the magazine's website.

There are some great vintage Valentine postcard images on SilverCollect Blog and for other holidays too. Garden Fairy also has free vintage graphics to use for scrapbooking or card making (or whatever you want to do with them).

One more thing from my old blog: a dog that looks like a panda.


Emily said...

I think of a lot of black and white drawings in terms of patterns too, lol!

Patty said...

I was looking at greeting cards the other day and thinking they might make a good pattern.