Saturday, January 12, 2008

Woo hoo!

And, yet another blogger is sharing her vintage embroidery patterns. Here's a cute little chick. Thank you, doe-c-doe (I love that name!) And, check out her fantastic embroidered I Love Lucy! Wow!

Edited to Add: Once I hit the Publish Post button, I really should turn off the computer and get up and walk away. Instead, I keep reading blogs and finding more things to link to.

Not too long ago, I read on someone's blog that if you have a craft blog, you have to make an owl at some point. I guess I missed the memo on that rule but it made me think of several owl charts that I know of. Since I just stumbled across another one, I might as well link to them all so I can get away from this computer and go to bed.
La chouette pour Nannick (I can now add chouette to my ever expanding French vocabulary thanks to this French cross stitch blog)
Owl from Hobby Loco This one is 1" x 2" if done on 14 ct

I'm pretty sure I knew of another x-stitched one but can't remember where it was now. I'll add it when I find the link again. But, Anna Maria Horner has a cute felt owl ornament to make. And, you can watch Floresita's video on making her spooky Halloween owl.


Tigersue said...

Thanks for the post on my blog. We found our dog this morning. A lady found him wandering and picked him up, dried and warmed him from the snow and kept him over night.
She called Animal control this morning and found we had left a message about our missing dog. He is back home now.

g said...

I didn't know about the owl rule! I better get on that one... I discovered your blog via the comment you left on mine - thank you for the comment & thank you for mentioning my blog {doe-c-doe}, that was sweet! This blog thing is fun - but you're right its a time sucking vortex, luckily its a pretty time sucking vortex {cause of cute blogs like yours}!