Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Click Away

I don't blog because I enjoy writing. I just want to post links. So, here ya go!

Bordando Freebies is a Spanish blog for posting cross stitch freebie finishes [link via Cross Stitch Happy]. I like that there are links back to where the free charts originally came from -- just look for where it says "grafico aqui" on each post and click. (I actually remembered from my junior high Spanish classes that aqui means here.)

I found another owl. It's part of a larger chart for the month of September on the Aurelle blog. There are a ton of freebies there. You can find an index here. Categories include biscornu, animals, angels, the garden, the sea and some other French words I don't know.

Recycled Slipper Tutorial from Sew Green

An index of free charts (in French) on Echevette. And, here's the translated version.


Jennifer said...

Awesome. I am freebie obsessed (especially now that I have an organizing system figured out!)

caroljean said...

And what great links they are! You go girl!