Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trying To Get Caught Up

I just read on a blog (of course) that you're more likely to do something if you write it down. I don't know if that will motivate me to do some things I have been putting off but I'm going to give it a try. So, here are my goals:

post the rest of the links to a few more free cross stitch owl charts that I found and any other links I've saved to add here

finish Michelle's song survey

add a few more of my favorite blogs to the sidebar

answer all 327 330 emails in my mailbox

Until I finish these four things -- I could have sworn there was a fifth one -- I am not allowing myself to look at one single blog.

Not a one.

Well, except for Mrs. Stitchy Britches because she is always adding embroidery patterns to her blog and I couldn't live if I had to give them up, even only for awhile.

Speaking of embroidery, my half of the brain has a list of links to all kinds of embroidery posts. I know I've been to many of them before (like the ones at Feeling Stitchy) but I'm still going to check them all out when I have some time.


Sarah said...

Good luck! Answering all that email sounds time-consuming... I'm sure it's a health and safety issue if you don't have a reasonable number of blog breaks while completing the task!

Teejay said...

Sometimes I am so tempted to start a daily schedule just for the stuff I want to get done at home; I usually get it all done anyway. I don't think I will though because then all of those things will feel like chores. Being flexible and doing things (regularly) when I feel like it is best.