Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Apron Giveaway

Calling all apron lovers who love to embroider and embroiderers who love aprons! There's a giveaway over at Oodles and oodles, for a bunch of "vintage ready-to-embroider" clothespin aprons! [link via tie one on]

Oodles and oodles is a fabulous blog. It's my new favorite. Look at these freaking adorable bunny bags. And, the dresser makeover. And, an interesting fact about rick rack.

Dang. Just go read all of it.


Emily said...

Cute blog, thanks for the link, Patty.

Kellie said...

DANGIT! This is what I get for staying offline so long! I missed out on the clothespin aprons! But I did check out Oodles and Oodles. I like it!

We must think of a way to cute-ify the orthopedic shoes. You should be stylish while you are recovering and stitching! :)