Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Gladness?

And, here is the other greeting card image I found. I confess I don't see the gladness. Is the dog happy because he's going to eat the poor chick? What a lovely picture. It's so Easter-y!

Anyway, I hope you have a Happy Easter!!


Niki said...

Omgosh, you're right. Strange! How is that goodness? lol.
Either way, I come wishing u a Happy Easter (at night LOL). HUGS!

Laura said...

Okay, this is gonna work this time, I just know it...

I found a post on your old blog (it showed up in my referrals) that mentioned my blog ( and I tried to leave a comment there thanking you for the compliment, but it said comments were disabled.

Then I tried sending you a little message on MySpace, but it said I had to be your friend to send you a message.

So, now I'm leaving a comment here. I'm sure you don't even remember the post, but I wanted to thank you all the same, even if it's five years too late!

Kellie said...

LOL! That's funny. I don't really see it either, or how it works for Easter. Maybe the dog is thinking "Jesus is Risen! I will celebrate by eating this succulent, juicy little chick!"