Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lovebird Freebie

I first saw a finished version of this chart on the Freebie Gallery and loved the design. I knew making a hornbook was beyond me (I didn't even know what one was until I Googled it five seconds ago) so I decided to turn it into an ornament for the Bride's Tree Stitch-A-Long. The February theme for the SAL was "true love"and if I had one, I'd make this for him.

Lovebird Freebie
Originally uploaded by PipStitch

Who am I kidding? Even if I had a true love, I'd keep this little stuffed pillow for myself. I love the colors and now I have a thing for blue birds. I used the suggested DMC floss and stitched it on 18ct Fiddler's Cloth.

The chart for the Lovebird freebie can be found on Midsummer Night Musings, which is the blog for Deborah Thorpe of Midsummer Night Designs. She has designed some really lovely charts.


Kellie said...

This is so adorable! Makes me wish I had the patience for cross stitch!

Megan said...

thanks for stopping by my blog party! :)

Linda said...

That is so cute! I didn't see it on the Brides Tree blog, have to head over there to look.

Wendy said...

I love your little lovebird pillow. I'd keep it for myself too ;)