Monday, March 3, 2008

My Boring Apple Roses

I wanted to make an apple cobbler but I found Martha Stewart's Rosy Apple Tart while going through my saved recipes and decided to give it a try. I had torn it out of her magazine a couple of years ago because I was fascinated by the pretty apple "roses." (Go see them on her website. The recipe is there too.)

There are about 72 steps to make this. You have to put the crust together (easy enough because it's just puff pastry) and the filling and the apples -- and it seemed like everything had to set up or cool for 30-40 minutes or both, plus you have to make the apple roses, so it takes awhile, but I was happy with the end result, even though my roses look nothing like Martha's magazine photo. Mine kind of look like potatoes. I wish I had just used all Gala apples because I like how their red skin gives some color to the beige apples. (You also use green apples and Martha said to peel them so I did.) The cream was good and had that buttermilk tang to it, and you can't go wrong with puff pastry, although I used the Pepperidge Farm kind and ignored Martha's advice to use a higher quality brand. I will make this again but I'll skip the apple roses next time. I think it would be really good with blackberries, strawberries or cherries on top.

Sentimental Stitches will be posting an embroidery pattern every day during March. Be sure to save or print them when you see them because they'll only be up for a day. (Edited to add: Click the caption below the pattern to get a pdf. If it's no longer clickable, the pattern is no longer available. (I wish I had known that from the beginning.) There are some free redwork designs there too, including an adorable one with Kewpies. (How did I miss these before??) I love the kitty (Block 115) too.

Need a cross stitch alphabet? These are pretty neat [link via Bordando Freebies] There are other free charts also. I really like the ones with hearts (cute house!). Lots of teddy bears there too.

Starting on March 7th, Lisa Vollrath will be once again offering free images to download for your St. Patrick's Day and Easter paper crafting needs [link via Stitchy and Crafty -- great name for a blog! You'll find links to free patterns (knitting, crochet, cross stitch) there too].

Barb aka Woof Nanny has also has The Purse Project blog where you make a purse based on a theme. For the March/April theme you have to refashion a ready-made bag. I love this kind of thing. To see what people make, not to join in. If I ever made a purse, hell would freeze over.

I had more links to post but there's a Shih Tzu barking in the kitchen (she wants a vitamin) so I gotta go.


Wendy said...

Thanks for the link, Patty!

I think your apple roses turned out great.

Linda said...

The apples do so look like roses! Your pic convinced me that the tart is too good to pass up. Also, thanks for the Lisa Volrath link! My old pc crashed, I had her bookmarked there and then got a new computer and the bookmark didn't transfer over. Forgot her full name, so thanks.

Aury said...

Your Tart looks so pretty!!
Thanks for your comment in my site as well as the mention of my blog "bordando freebies" glad that you like it!!


woof nanny said...

Oh, how cool--thank you for the shout out. And no excuses for not participating--this challenge you don't even have to sew! :)