Friday, March 28, 2008

That Pink Donkey Up Top

Notice the new header? I was bored last night and that's what I came up with.

The Donkey design is from a set of stamps that were posted on Green Kitchen -- there's a pdf linked in the post or you can get the image on Flickr.

And, the alphabet I used came from an embroidery pattern from Vintage Transfer Finds. I just cross stitched them instead.

The unraveling Aida is a nice touch, huh?


Tedino said...

HeHe, cute little Arse you`ve got there Patty ;) Nice work, is that a reverse satin stitch complimented by French knots you`ve used?

The Apron Queen said...

I've been lurking around your blog recently. I absolutely love all the vintage goodness here! So, I thought it was time to leave a comment, introduce myself & say Hello.

I also collect vintage items & I love sharing them with everyone! I have started hosting a weekly blog carnival called Vintage Thingies Thursdays. I think you'll really enjoy it. Come on over. I'll fix you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up!

Confessions of an Apron Queen:

Linda said...

Patty, great new header. I noticed it right but missed this post. I have been busy with school but am trying to catch up now.