Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aprons Are Mentioned A Lot Here

Thanks so much, you guys, for your comments on Monday's post! Sorry for my whining. I'm feeling much better today. Actually, I am pretty excited. Guess what I saw in my backyard this afternoon? A bud on the peony bush. It's the first one ever! A few weeks ago, I thought the peony was a goner because there were no leaves on it at all. It seemed it should have had some growth on it by now. But a week later, there were few leaves on it, then a few more, and now it has lots of them and this one little bud. As soon as I recharge my camera battery, I'll be taking pictures. FYI: I know nothing about growing peonies in Southern California. I just water the thing and cross my fingers that some day it will bloom.

I'm not too fond of the plants in the backyard. The previous homeowners put in a bunch of agapanthus and rhaphiolepis which would be ok if there weren't a gazillion of them out there. I did take some pictures last week. I have no idea what the pink flowers are. That plant was in a pot at my old house and consisted of two stems with flowers on the end. Now, it's in the ground and going nuts.

I wish the entire yard looked like this. Just flowers and flowers and more flowers. This is one of my favorite little areas.

Look what King Arthur has a recipe for: Tasty Toaster Tarts. Yes, you can make your own Pop Tarts at home. I have to try these. There are step-by-step directions on their Baker's Banter blog.

[::] <---- it's a Pop Tart, see?

Deanna over at The Apronista (blog) is looking for guest posters. So let her know if you have something to share over there, like a tutorial or an apron story. I think it would be fabulous if you went and guest blogged and held an apron giveaway. And, picked me to win.

And, speaking of aprons, you must read this loaded with aprons post over at thinking it out and writing it down. I always see aprons I like and I either forget to save the link or I do save a link and then can never find it again. This is a nice linkable list of some really gorgeous aprons.

For the fellow doggie embroidery pattern obsessed among you, Stitchy Britches has posted one of a cute little doggie threading a needle. And, look she is wearing an apron too.

If you take a sip every time I mention the word apron, you'll be drunk in no time.


theysaywordscanbleed said...

i saw those earlier, and my fave is the black and white apron :)

Lakewood flowers

woof nanny said...

My mom told me peonies didn't do well in California. Hmmm....
I'll have to show here that's not always the case.

Excellent links here--thanks for posting them.

woof nanny said...

I'm not sure what those pink flowers are either, but they're all over the housing complex I'm staying at in Scripps Ranch. They must be a drought tolerant variety.

Linda said...

Beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing. Pictures like these mean a lot to me in my concrete jungle.

Linda said...

My favorite flower is the peony so I look forward to your picture. In about two weeks, the peonies around here will be in full bloom. I have been waiting for this all year (they seem to be the most common flower in the area, everybody has them).

Kellie said...

Love the pink/blue/white flower combination.I have no flowers whatsoever. This makes me want to go out and plant some!

And that was the aproniest aprony apron post ever to mention aprons.